1. Art & Design final outcome 2/3

    Mixed Media - Smaller works mounted on A2

  2. This is another album cover I’ve done, this time for a compilation of Ylvis’s songs. This was made by doing an illustration (shown below), and applying a few filters over it. For more of my album covers, click here.

  3. So over the past few days me and my sister have been sorting out our music libraries, and to fill in non existing album artwork, or ones we just didn’t like, I’ve made up some new ones. 

    Image credits:

    Issac Shepard - (x) Not sure of the original source, but this is where I got the image from

    Mashups Compilation - (x) Photography from Alberto Seveso 

    Melanie Martinez - (x) Screenshot from her video

    Font Family (Diner) - (x) Free from Font Squirrel

  4. Art & Design final outcome 1/3

    Mixed Media - A2

  5. Poster for a local 2012 Fun Run

  6. Fineliner Illustrations

  7. Type and layout experiment

  8. Work for my EPQ

  9. Paper sculptures of coral. Not exactly my normal thing, but it was really fun. It was interesting to do something in 3D for once!

  10. Some of my final designs for my EPQ. They are the designs for the cover of the book, plus the dust jackets with cut-outs so that some of the bottom is revealed.

  11. More experimenting - I think I like this slightly more than my previous versions

  12. Some experiments for my final outcomes. Not sure about these…

  13. Some etching work from my Art & Design sketchbook.

  14. Some work for my A2 Graphics. I’m doing a project entitled ‘Regeneration’, and I have chosen to focus on the (relatively) recent regeneration projects that have been going on in London. I went to London and took lots of pictures, created fine-liner drawings, worked with them in Photoshop, and then coloured them. They will probably end up as part of a fictional layout for an architecture magazine.

  15. More biro Haeckel work :)